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C.A.P.T.'s work would not be possible without the support of our dedicated volunteers each year. With just one evening a week, you can help change the lives of children in one of CT’s most under-resourced neighborhoods. Volunteers help C.A.P.T. deliver academic, youth development, and basic needs supports to children in the community. Over the years, C.A.P.T. has welcomed hundreds of volunteers, including Senator Richard Blumenthal, Mayor Ganim, Bridgeport Fire Dept., Police Dept. and various pro athletes and celebrities.






Without enrichment and youth development programs, children would not have many opportunities to learn and experience new things during their out-of-school time. These programs give children the chance to broaden their horizons, find new interests, and explore their strengths. The activities also often give many children the chance to enjoy childhood. We are currently seeking volunteers to assist us with our SEL programs.



C.A.P.T. serves a community where the traditional public schools are among the most chronically under-performing in Connecticut. When children from low-income families enter these schools, they are often already behind. Research shows that by the age of five, children from low-income families will have heard 30 million fewer words than children from middle and upper-income homes. This deficit, often made worse when schools do not meet the child’s needs, becomes more dramatic without intervention. C.A.P.T. seeks to close this gap for each child by providing one-on-one tutoring, literacy intervention, homework help, and educational advocacy. We are currently seeking educators and high school/college grads to volunteer their time to help us support and improve our youth in academics.


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